For founders of the new economy.

Azlo is made up of a group of passionate and diverse founders who are driven by purpose. Our intent is to use our collective knowledge to support entrepreneurs from all walks of life in their journey for self-determination and economic opportunity.

Changing the Future One Entrepreneur at a Time

Social justice begins with economic equality and access to opportunity. We believe entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for economic mobility, and access to business banking and capital, has too often been the privilege of a few, or at least structured in a way that has resulted in the exclusion of many marginalized communities.

Technology allows all of us to change the narrative. For our team, it provides a unique opportunity to create innovative ways to democratize access to business banking and contribute to a more vibrant and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Azlo is an agent for social change and our mission is to bring powerful financial tools to marginalized communities that have often been overlooked and underserved by large institutions and traditional financial services.

Our Values


Azlo is on a mission to empower entrepreneurial communities that have traditionally been underserved and overlooked by financial institutions. We are committed to leveling the playing field for an emerging multicultural generation of founders.


We understand that entrepreneurship is hard and our success is interconnected. Teams, communities and families are the kinds of groups that define our spirit and give us meaning. Azlo aims to build connections and create the networks to help you succeed.


The Azlo team is made up of founders, marginalized side-hustlers and inspired freelancers not afraid of the journey to build a better life. We aim to empower the women, minority and immigrant-owned small businesses that drive the economy. We will use our knowledge, experience and resources to build bridges and ladders, not fences and walls.

More than just a bank account

With an Azlo account you get more than just a bank account. You get access to resources, tools and a community of entrepreneurs just like you.

The Azlo Success Hub is a place where you can connect, learn, and share with other Azlo members. Azlo members get access to live events, workshops, and resources to help you grow your business.

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We are a group of fellow founders, passionate about helping the next generation of entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve success. Our team is focused on a common goal of creating a simple, functional product with a purpose. We’d love for you to join us. Discover the right role for you.

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Azlo adapts to your style and we move at your speed. When it is time for help, our dedicated (human) support staff will be there to help you through the rough spots. If you have any questions about Azlo, email us at the address below. Or, click Get Started to begin your application.