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We’re side-hustlers, founders, freelancers, and innovators. We’re using our knowledge and resources to build bridges—not walls.

Azlo is driving economic opportunity and financial inclusion by empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to start, scale and grow their businesses.

We are building a new banking experience where you won’t get hit with minimum balance charges or hidden fees. You won’t spend time driving to a branch and waiting in line, or juggling multiple tools to view your transactions and send invoices.

At Azlo, we’re making business banking simple—so you can get back to running your business.

Meet our team

Photo of Brian Hamilton

Building things is innately satisfying. Building things that help others even more so. Building things that help others build things themselves is the most impactful enterprise I can imagine.

Brian Hamilton

Co-founder & CEO

Photo of Cameron Peake

When I helped launch the first mobile money system in Haiti, our clients went from storing money under mattresses and wasting time queueing at the bank to managing their digital bank accounts from their mobile phones. I went on to launch other similar products around the world, from Indonesia to Zimbabwe, saving entrepreneurs time, money, and headaches. I'm thrilled to continue this work at Azlo.

Cameron Peake

Co-founder & COO

Photo of Bryan Crumpler

Azlo is built to serve the diverse set of small businesses that make up the makers and doers of today’s society. Our mission is clear: Remove the hurdles for our customers and help them identify their clearest path to success. After having served in various positions in a retail banking organization, it’s my pleasure to build a product that not only fills the needs of our customers, but also changes the small business landscape for all business owners.

Bryan Crumpler

Vice President of Product

Photo of Mike Barreiro

Entrepreneurship has enough hurdles to overcome on its own. Banking shouldn't be one of them.

Mike Barreiro

Vice President of Technology

Photo of Nestor Pina Fernandez

I have worked at a lot of small businesses and I know firsthand the struggles they have with cashflow, getting paid, fees... I think what we are doing at Azlo is unique because we are approaching it as a problem to solve. Not a market to sell to.

Nestor Pina Fernandez

Vice President of Engineering & Architecture

Photo of Leonardo Shapiro

I’m passionate about bringing a culture of entrepreneurship to emerging economies, and I’m always trying to find how new innovations can offer tools that empower people and bring social wellbeing.

Leonardo Shapiro

Head of Growth

Photo of Ramona Ortega

Azlo is at the forefront of using technology to solve a real problem for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes. I’m here because of our mission and our ability to build financial services alongside a powerful community of entrepreneurs and diverse founders.

Ramona Ortega

Entrepreneur in Residence

Photo of Nicholas Angel

I have always wanted to help build a company that had a mission greater than profit and growth for growth's sake. Waking up and knowing my skills and experience are helping people who haven't had the same opportunities I have had inspires me to do my best work.

Nicholas Angel

Vice President of Design

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