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Accountant Access with Azlo Pro

Give your accountant or bookkeeper access to review your Azlo business checking account. Empower your accountant or bookkeeper to manage your finances, while still keeping full control of your bank account. This feature is available with an Azlo Pro membership.

Accountant Access

Send an invite in minutes

Log in to your Azlo Dashboard. Navigate to “Manage Users,” click “Accountant Access,” enter your accountant’s email, and send them an email invite.

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Share transaction history and statements

Focus on growing your business and allow your accountant to log in anytime to evaluate your transactions.

Jessi beyer

Jessi Beyer, Jessi Beyer International, LLC

Azlo Customer Since 2018

Review activity and download statements

Depending on your businesses’ needs, your accountant can search all or filter by specific transactions. They can also download PDFs for monthly statements.

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Maintain full control of your account

Your accountant cannot initiate any transactions, change user permissions, or revoke their own access.

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Transfer accountant access in a snap

Have a new accountant or bookkeeper? Simply revoke access to your previous accountant and invite your new one.

Summer Cook

Summer Cook, SumConsulting

Azlo Customer Since 2018