Photo of Christopher M Perceptions

Meet Christopher

Founder, CMPerceptions & Broken Genius

Christopher Perceptions is an entrepreneur bringing art and technology to the communities where they’re most needed.

Where he comes from

Christopher grew up in two homes, both in Milwaukee, one of the most segregated cities in America. His mother? A Christian evangelist. His father? A drug dealer.

And yet, he saw a common thread connecting his different homes and communities. “They’re not really that different — it’s about humans and supply and demand.”

He had to grow up fast in order to survive, and as he did, he turned to art to preserve a sense of wonder and creativity. That brought him to this realization: “If you have something that makes you feel alive, and you’re able to monetize it, that might be your ticket — your way out.” At 18, he started his journey as a business owner.

About his business(es)

His company CMPerceptions, offers creative consulting, photography and filmmaking, art direction, and more. He also recently launched a second company, Broken Genius, to bring coding and technology to underserved communities (starting in Milwaukee and eventually expanding internationally).

What drives him

“The concept of freedom. Freedom of time, freedom to control my financial future.” As an entrepreneur, he also has the freedom to create his own definition of success: making a lasting impact.

Challenges he’s faced

He didn’t have the network and advantages that so many people have and take for granted. “Being an African American, growing up in arguably the most segregated city in America, I ran into a lot of glass ceilings.”

He’s had to do a lot with limited resources — which requires a tremendous amount of work and tenacity. He’s had to independently learn the skills to succeed; right now, he’s studying full stack development as well as Android and iOS development, through three different programs (while running one business and building a second).

How he’s made it through them

By holding on to hope. “If you’re in a place where hope or faith feels impossible, that’s where you need it the most.”

Christopher says it’s also been surprising, and inspiring, to connect with other entrepreneurs and realize “people really want to help, and help you succeed.”

Advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs

“Hope and hustle.”






Photos by Christopher Perceptions of CMPerceptions.