Chasing Adventure While Running a Business


Connor Bruson and his wife, Alix, have run their wedding videography business together since 2019. It’s a classic entrepreneur story: A couple chooses to combine their talents to build a business that allows them to travel and have adventures. But under the hood, it also means no paid sick days or employer-sponsored health insurance. In the era of COVID-19, these risks can be stark, but the couple remains steadfast.  

"It's totally worth it," Connor says. "No question."

Acts of Adventure Connor and Alix Bruson

Alix established the business in 2016, and Connor, who left steady work he wasn’t passionate about, joined her a few years later. At first, they made videos for multiple industriessmall businesses, non-profits, and morebut once they decided to only film weddings, they knew they had found a fit. This allowed them to travel around Colorado and the entire Rocky Mountain region. Because of that love for adventure and the need to stay mobile for gigs, they chose to move both their home and studio into a van in 2020. 

Once COVID-19 changed the world, the wedding industry took a turn. Couples canceled and postponed their nuptials, while others decided to elope. The Colorado-based business took a hit. 

"We lose income if we can't work," Connor says. "We have no real protections."

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In these unpredictable times—COVID, and political and economic turmoil, to name a few—the duo believes it’s paramount to control and reduce their business finances. Because of the nature of their lifestyle choices, the Brusons have successfully adjusted their expenses right alongside the shift in their work schedule. Despite only working on half as many weddings, they make enough to pay the bills and enjoy their life in the Rockies.

Being nimble with their business also brings opportunity. One of their clients who canceled their wedding because of COVID still wanted to get married, so they tossed out tradition and did it their way: They met at 4 a.m. on a mountain road and drove an all-terrain vehicle to a secluded mountain lake. They said their vows during sunrise, and then jumped into the freezing body of water to cap off the ceremony. Their dog was the witness. The Brusons were able to be right by their side, filming the couple every step of the way. "If what you do is integrated into your personal lifestyle, it's always worth it," Connor says.

Moral of the story: Do something you love and can build a lifestyle around.

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