The Best Way to Grow Your Business Is To Bring In Help


Today, Ogo is a busy marketer, operating his company, Thirteenth, in one of the fastest-growing segments of influencer marketing: TikTok. But being first in any field means a long road of lessons and learning to get there.

One of Ogo's first business decisions was to drop out of college. Though he had a full ride and was doing well earning money while in school, he knew his calling wasn't going to come from a college degree. It would come in the entertainment industry, so he moved to Los Angeles. 

He grasped early on how brands would use the growing platform to take their social media impact well beyond Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. That's when Ogo's business started booming. Ogo soon found himself meeting with some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports, and consumer brands, such as Netflix, Champs Sports, Tinder, and Chipotle. He was peppering everyone in and out of his network and putting himself out there to score meetings. But why would they take a phone call from a 22-year-old? Ogo understood the power of TikTok.

He soon found himself in a familiar spot for many entrepreneurs. He suddenly wasn’t doing what he was best at: high value, high impact work. He was managing the business of being in business, such as keeping track of the finances coming in and out and managing upwards of 35 clients.

Then came the lightbulb moment for the 22-year-old entrepreneur: To get aheadand stay aheadin any industry, figure out what you need to outsource and move it off your plate as fast as you can. Leverage your network of resources and experts, enlist them to do some of the day-to-day work, and get back to doing what you do best. 

Ogo now works with a group of contractors who allow him to run his business smoothly so he and his team can spend each workday building relationships with artists, hunting new contracts, and keeping an eye on the competition.

His advice for new entrepreneurs? 

"The first thing is to get help," Ogo says. "Don’t do it all yourself."

Making time to think—instead of spending time on paperwork—can be the difference in whether your business thrives or not.

Moral of the story: Get help. Don’t do it all yourself.


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