Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Super Mamás

Super Mamás and sisters, Paulina Lopez-Velazquez & Bricia Lopez

Azlo celebrates Hispanic Heritage month by featuring Azlo entrepreneurs Paulina Lopez-Velazquez & Bricia Lopez, co-hosts and founders of Super Mamás Podcast & restaurateurs of Guelaguetza in Los Angeles.

This sister duo has become a powerhouse for branding and content marketing. From rebranding their traditional family restaurant, to launching a podcast with over 15K followers, to becoming Latinx influencers — these sisters have tapped into a powerful niche.

It runs in the family

Bricia and Paulina say their entrepreneurial journey began while working with their father in the family restaurant. “We grew up in the business, and our childhood memories were helping out in the restaurant, so it was second nature to us” recounts Paulina.

When the family restaurant, Guelaguetza, needed a makeover, the sisters decided to rebrand and make it an LA icon. Their work has been rewarded: Guelaguetza became the first traditional Mexican restaurant to win a James Beard Award and launched a successful line of Oaxacan products.

The sisters have have carved out a place for each person in the family to use their strengths, with their brother running a Michelada company and another sister growing their catering businesses.

“Family is so important in our culture, so it only makes sense for us to run the business together and to give everyone an opportunity to have their own venture.”

Supporting and inspiring their community

Pauina and Bricia took the challenges that came along with raising kids while running a business, and started the Super Mamás podcast to get real about being the pressures of being a Latina mom and an entrepreneur.

“Starting a business is like being a parent, there are no right answers, so we made the community to help other women and to make sure they don’t feel alone in their journey” says Brecia, who is now working on her own cooking show.

Super Mamás has grown into a strong community of _mamá_preneurs and have launched a series of events and collaborations with big names like Target.

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The two sisters are ideally located to reach and support their community, as Los Angeles is fast becoming the hub for Latino small businesses. Los Angeles is now home to 4.9 million Hispanics, or 9% of the nation’s Hispanic population. Between 2007 and 2012, 86 percent of the growth in all small businesses can be attributed to Latino owned businesses.

One of the things Paulina and Bricia do to inform and support their community is to take services that serve entrepreneurs (like Azlo) for a trial run.

“I recently started an LLC for myself and opened my Azlo account to try it out and honesty, I love it. I have been sharing it with all the freelancers I know — I even made my personal trainer get an account so I could pay him directly. Anything that makes my life easier as an entrepreneur is really what it’s about.”

Learn more

Super Mamás invited Azlo Entrepreneur-in-Residence Ramona Ortega to appear on their podcast and talk about the process of starting a business. Listen to the episode here.


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