Meet the founder of LayoverStop

How it all got started

Meet Reham Alsharif, an entrepreneur who helps travelers stop waiting at the gate. Her startup, LayoverStop, picks up travelers on long layovers and takes them on personalized tours of the city.

How it all got started

I’m passionate about providing simple solutions that make sense. And of course, making people happy through the use of technology. I’ve tinkered around with many ideas to start a business for the forgotten or underserved segments of our market.

The idea for LayoverStop came from a 7-hour layover in Istanbul heading to LA from Dubai. I disliked wasting time at the airport and I wished for a friend to hang out with and show me around Istanbul.

How it works

With LayoverStop, travelers stuck on long layovers can get out and explore, guided by local hosts. It’s a bit like Airbnb, except instead of sharing their homes, hosts share their city.

Instead of spending hours at the airport or the station, travelers can tour breweries, visit museums, or walk along the beach. LayoverStop tours also come with unexpected bonuses, like professional photography and snacks.

LayoverStop currently operates in Los Angeles, and they’re planning to expand in other major transit cities around the world.

Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

If you have an idea, don’t over plan. Start doing it and see what people think.


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