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By Dustin Clendenen



  1. a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.



  1. A dedicated network of entrepreneurs here to help you become a better business owner.
    "If you're serious about your company and you want to put in one hundred percent of the effort, Kadre is going to put in 110% for you.” -Rich Sibert, co-founder of Kadre Inc. 

Finding support and consultation for your business can be a long and arduous process. Just to get started, you might need a professional to help you file your limited liability company (LLC), an accountant to set up your banking and bookkeeping systems, an HR consultant to help you with hiring, or an IT specialist to set up your digital infrastructure. 

That’s four people to find, vet, collaborate, and pay to get your business off the ground.

Kadre Inc.  aims to streamline the process. For a single monthly subscription fee, you can get access to all the help listed above from within the company’s network of expert, vetted professionals. You can also receive ongoing business mentorship and membership in Kadre’s client community made up of entrepreneurs and small business owners also in the process of starting out or scaling to massive new heights. 

“To put it simply, we help new and small business owners run their business like a Fortune 500 company,” says Kadre co-founder Rich Sibert.

The Azlo Moment

Though they are officially business partners in the endeavor, Kadre initially began as an unofficial meeting between business mentor and mentee.

Sibert had spent 15 years in the military before moving into roles in finance, HR, and sales, to name a few. Over time, he grew increasingly eager to strike out on his own and form his own business. In mid-2018, as he learned more about entrepreneurship and how to overcome the challenges he would face on the road to success, he began to realize that helping other business owners could be the business itself.

That’s where co-founder Ray Savage came into the picture. Before teaming up with Sibert, Savage played in the NFL for over half a dozen seasons, then moved into a role as an agent, and ultimately transitioned into finance and accounting. During this time, he also launched a number of successful businesses. 


Both Sibert and Savage have had colorful and wide-ranging careers that have been surprisingly parallel. The moment Sibert met Savage, he knew he wanted to work with him. 

In 2019, the two met to discuss business opportunities and laid the foundation for Kadre. 

Launching In the Time of COVID

The duo took on clients in an unofficial capacity through the rest of 2019, mentoring them in launching their businesses or taking their established enterprises to the next level—and using the time to hone their service offerings and business model. 

In January and February 2020, they officially launched Kadre—just in time for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It proved to be a perfect storm for launching Kadre. Not only were Sibert and Savage able to help their existing clients navigate the pandemic, but there was also a huge population of the community who suddenly became entrepreneurs. Due to layoffs and having more time because of the shutdowns, many people found themselves starting new businesses. 

So many clients came to Kadre after working on a side-hustle for a few years. With the pandemic, they realized it was the time to turn it into their main gig and officially launch businesses.

“A lot of what’s going on right now involves [Paycheck Protection Program] PPP and [Economic Injury Distaster] EID loans,” Rich says. “A lot of our clients came to us because we were able to give them expert guidance and coaching on being eligible for and how to apply for [this relief]. One client in particular was a residential care facility located in the area with 60-something employees. They had a difficult time with previous ownership, and going into the pandemic they don't have money in their bank account to pay their employees.” 

Kadre helped them close the gap. 

Modeling Good Business

As a military veteran and former NFL player respectively, Sibert and Savage are more attuned to teamwork and regimentation than the average business partners. Their differing work experience as civilians also gives them clear specializations as far as what they bring to the venture.

“We make a really, really good team because we understand each other, and we know each other's weaknesses and strengths,” Sibert says. “When we have a client that needs business development or technology or mentorship, that's coming on my side. If we have something financial, like cash flow management or accounting, we know immediately that's his side.”

Many of the business coachings they provide their clients as far as management and leadership come from Sibert and Savage’s own style of working together so efficiently.

This has allowed them to scale by adding more consultants and freelancers trained to Kadre’s standards but bringing their own expertise to the table. 

Joining the Kadre

“There are business owners out there struggling because they don't have the resources or education—or just the person to call when [they’re really struggling]—and they're trying to wrap their head around how to grow their business or get something done, even though they truly love their business,” Sibert says. “And that for me is what drove me to start Kadre.” 

Kadre has an industry-agnostic client base. Businesses Sibert and Savage work with range from healthcare companies to gyms to beauty salons, and even transportation companies. This requires them to work with a diverse assortment of people, but that diversity feeds back into the community, with business owners able to offer each other so much more than limited, industry-specific advice.  

“When I look at an entrepreneur, when I look at our clients, I tend to look for someone who understands the industry that they're in, so once we’ve backed out the picture, they can run their company,” Sibert says. “They have to be the kind of person to put in the work and get their hands dirty… If you want to give yourself the title of CEO, then you need to do what CEOs do.” 

To learn more about Sibert and Kadre, watch our webinar on how to build a strong business development plan.

Dustin Clendenen
Dustin Clendenen is a Los Angeles-based writer focused on personal finance, social impact and technology. His work has appeared in Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, and Upworthy. Learn more at

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