All Azlo accounts were closed on 3/31/2021. For more information, visit our Azlo Closure FAQ.

Go Forth and Azlo

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Azlo is no longer accepting new applications.

By Cameron Peake

You may have heard by now that the strategic decision has been made to close Azlo’s business. After more than four years dedicated to building unparalleled digital banking services for founders, freelancers, and small business owners, we still firmly believe in our vision: giving every small business owner the opportunity to survive and thrive.

As founders and entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that there can always be unexpected bumps on the entrepreneurial journey, and we’re sorry that we won’t be alongside our inspiring community of entrepreneurs as they grow and flourish. 

In creating Azlo, we worked hard every day to give entrepreneurs and small business owners a helping hand whenever they needed it — whether that was through offering a free online bank account, bringing innovative features like digital Envelopes to life, or hosting informative webinars featuring industry-leading experts. Wherever we could, we wanted to level the playing field and help founders from all walks of life have their best chance at success.

I’ve been encouraged at the progress that has been made recently, even in the face of a pandemic and a mounting sense of economic uncertainty. The Black Lives Matter movement gave long-deserved and widespread recognition to Black entrepreneurs and encouraged many consumers to seek out and support their businesses. We have been proud to showcase our customers’ businesses — as we did with our Customer Shopping Catalog — and help entrepreneurs learn from each other through the stories you told us.

This has been a journey we’ve been privileged to be on with all of you. Thank you for being part of our community, to propel us forward, and make us a better business. To our founders, our innovators, and our supporters — you are what makes this world great. 

On a closing note, many ask what “Azlo” means. It’s a play on “Hazlo,” which means “get it done” in Spanish. This phrase to us is the essence of entrepreneurship you push through the blood, sweat, and tears to reach your goal in whatever way possible. So, to our community: Hazlo we can’t wait to see what you’ll achieve.

Update: Here are a few business banking alternatives to Azlo. 


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