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How to Build Your Brand Working from Home

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Your personal brand is much more than just your name or social media handle. It is something intangible, something that identifies and represents your business. It’s a tool that can attract followers that identify with the messages that you broadcast.

It is also a long-term business strategy to create a solid brand in order to achieve specific objectives.

If done correctly (and it’s not complicated, you just need to be active on social media and integrate your online presence) you can bring in more people, raise awareness for your brand, and provide first-hand demonstrations of the services or products that you offer.

And right now is really the perfect time to start building your brand and reaching out to more people.

People are spending a lot of time on social media these days, so there are plenty of audiences just waiting to find you and see what you are all about.

Just remember that growing a brand takes planning, time, and patience. So don’t get frustrated if you don’t experience overnight stardom.

Harness social media

Growing a brand can be approached as a sales funnel. In this funnel, the top end is focused on reaching out to people. In these odd times of quarantining at home, the majority of social media channels have seen a tremendous surge in activity and usage. Which isn’t surprising at all considering that we don’t have too many alternatives for entertainment at the moment.

People are also looking for ways to feel connected to other humans.

These conditions present a perfect opportunity for you to harness the social media channels of your choosing to engage with current and new customers and show them what your brand is all about.

Grow with inbound marketing

You can leverage this surge in social media use by being active and showing off your brand, business, and products. By providing quality and interesting content, you are more likely to attract new customers, which is what inbound marketing is all about.

For example, look for a way to have a daily or weekly post or livestream video. The frequency and content of the posts and videos will obviously depend on your business.

If you have a fitness business, you can have daily workout routines, stretches, or challenges.

If your business offers something to teach, you could have live videos for teaching kids or adults a new language, math skills, music lessons, or cooking.

Even if your business doesn’t involve cooking, but you sell an edible product, or a recipe book, now could be the time where you cook and integrate your product or service.

Encourage sharing

In your video or live stream, encourage your viewers to spread your message. You can do this by announcing that you are going to have a 5 p.m. webinar, and invite your followers to invite their friends.

During the live stream, you can tell people to share their experience of participating in your activity by posting pictures with a creative hashtag related to your business. This will further foster future participation.

Keep it free and accessible at the start

A great way to build your brand is to engage more people, and who doesn’t love something free?

The more people that can participate in your activities and see your content, the more likely you are to grow a following.

If you are a freelancer, part of your brand growth can include helping other freelancers. Talk about your triumphs and struggles and offer helpful suggestions. As you do this, you can slowly guide your audience down the funnel (to buy your course, for example).

Use a sales funnel to lead to more business

When you engage with internauts, think about how to move them along your funnel. This doesn’t have to be complicated, just focus on providing value, establishing trust, and earning your way to pitch.

As you produce your content, you can gradually make offers, such as, “If you like my classes,” or, “If you want to learn/see/experience/do more, I will be offering a more in-depth class that will be available next week” that your viewers can purchase.

This will also help build anticipation.

Of course, the key to converting potential customers to actual customers is to offer solid, reliable, and honest products/services that benefit the customer.

The best social media tools for growing your brand during the quarantine


Facebook is a tool that many people are taking advantage of right now to have contact with friends and family.

It is perfect for live streams and getting participants to share their experiences with your business with their contacts. You can even monetize your Facebook content.

Also, consider joining or creating a Facebook group as part of your branding strategy.

The need to stay entertained and healthy will make people try things they wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Personally, I have started tuning in to yoga and workout sessions as a way to remain disciplined and actually do something healthy. Before the stay at home orders went into effect, I never would have thought of spending my free time by taking a Facebook yoga class. The live streams I’ve watched have been very simplistic and were based out of someone’s living room. This just goes to show you that using live streams can be effective and doesn’t have to be complicated!

Also, Facebook offers highly advanced advertising techniques for targeting a specific audience. But if you are just starting out, I wouldn’t recommend jumping right into paying for ads.


YouTube is simply an amazing platform for brand promotion. It allows you to have a closer connection with the public and create an entire library of videos. If you use YouTube, view your channel as your brand. Make videos that are relevant, fun, and interesting. Take some time to edit the videos and add in appealing graphics.

An added benefit of YouTube is the ability to monetize your videos and channel at the same time that you are growing your brand. Of course, this depends on subscribers and views of your content, which will take time and patience.

Another cool thing about YouTube is that you can create videos that promote your knowledge, service, or product (sometimes you have to get creative) that can be around for years. This means that if you are able to grow your channel, you can continue to make money in the future from videos that you post today.

YouTube is an excellent option for those who offer courses, consultancies, classes and tutorials.


As you know, you can post pictures, info-bits, short videos, and stories on Instagram. Also, Instagram recently made Instagram Shopping available. This tool essentially makes it easier for you to post products or content on Instagram that your followers can then easily view and navigate to your website.

To grow your follower base, you can first follow others so that they can see your brand and content. The end goal is that they follow you.

Now, there is a spammy and annoying way of doing that which includes ‘following’ anyone and everyone, even people that have no relationship or interest in your business.

A better way is to spend some time looking at people’s accounts and ‘following’ people that actually seem to have an interest in what your business offers. Then, engage with them and offer solutions to their needs or problems.

Then, you can post content that directly addresses the interests of your new followers. Of course, this can eventually lead to offering products or services.

As you promote your brand, be diligent about selecting hashtags for each content piece that will allow others to find you, but are still relevant to your business.

If the first hashtags don’t work, come back after a while and change them.

Don’t overdo it with the content. It’s not necessary to post 20 times a day. Once or twice a day is more than enough if you are actively advertising your business. More posts could be acceptable if you are just sharing a picture or an uplifting message.

Bring your platforms together

If you use more than one platform, or you have a website, tie all of the pieces together. For example, make your website easily accessible from your social media and vice versa.

When you upload videos on youTube don’t forget to remind your followers on Facebook, Instagram, or your blog.

Tips for messages during the quarantine

As the entire world passes through this very unpleasant period, keep your messages reasonable, positive, and considerate.

Simple, kind phrases like, “I hope you are staying healthy,” or “Take care of yourself and your family,” or “Thank you to all of the front-line workers, for what you do,” are simple messages that bring people together.

Be positive. Your brand will benefit from positive vibes that you send off. Naturally, more people will be attracted to your message.

Be friendly. We are all going through such a strange time. We need friendly voices out there that are inclusive and welcoming to all.

If you notice an increase in engagement, you will be in a perfect place to invite your following to purchase your cookbook, buy your digital class, and watch your videos. There is great potential to convert these followers into immediate and long term customers.

For more tips on how to sustain a business and thrive, read more articles on Azlo’s COVID-19 Portal.

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