Four Great Features of Azlo’s Online Invoicing

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Azlo’s mission is to create effortless online banking, and our approach to online invoicing is no different. From the desktop computer in your office to your cell phone while on the go, Azlo’s online invoicing and payment system allows you to work from anywhere, using any device.

Azlo’s online invoicing and payments platform has four unique features that help users keep their invoices on time and on brand.

Four Unique Features of Azlo’s Online Invoicing

  1. Track and Manage Payments

Azlo’s online invoicing system allows you to track and manage the payments from invoices throughout the course of the invoicing process—and much more. Using our custom dashboard, you can manage all of the elements of your accounts receivable in one easy place, for all of your clients. Through Azlo, you can: 

  • Track invoices, including overdue payments.
  • Set due dates and payment terms for your invoices.
  1. Personalize Your Invoices

As important as it is to have the fundamentals of your online invoicing buttoned up, at Azlo, we think there is something to be said about having the ability to personalize your experience in order to keep your online invoicing and payments on brand.

That’s why we’ve left room for you to include your company’s logo on your invoices. You also have the option to create custom fields based on your unique needs.

Furthermore, we’ve allowed for invoices to be custom-tailored for any of your customers. We understand that different clients need different layers of information.

  1. Save Contacts and Invoice Faster

Many business models have repeat customers month over month. Therefore, Azlo’s online invoicing system lets you create and save contacts, which eventually enables you to send invoices faster. Invoicing doesn’t have to happen at the end of the month, but rather, at a time more convenient for you. Note that Azlo Pro offers an option to automate your invoicing process.

  1. Multiple Payment Options

Sending invoices online is one of the many ways the digital world has transformed the business banking model. In turn, clients will expect you to provide options for paying your invoices.

From money transfers to traditional checks and credit card payments, Azlo is set up to receive payments with ease.

    1. Money Transfers: Simply embed your account and routing number in your invoice.
    2. Credit Cards: Azlo has seamlessly integrated with third-party providers, such as Square, Stripe and PayPal. This allows your clients to pay with an online payment solution if that is their preference.
    3. Checks: For the traditional clients out there, Azlo accepts checks, and also allows you to deposit your check with a mobile device.

Learn More About Azlo’s Online Banking Solutions

For more information on Azlo’s convenient online invoicing and payment system, you can learn more online or contact us.

When it comes to effortless online banking, we are continually creating and honing features to live up to our mission. Our convenient and easy-to-use online invoicing platform can help you maintain one of the most critical elements of your business—flexibly, conveniently, and reliably.


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