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Get Paid to Teach What You Know

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As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” Well, your knowledge can be the power that fuels a new income.

Nowadays, knowledge about almost anything can be monetized. So whether you possess ‘hard’ (computer programming, science, or music) or ‘soft’ (etiquette or business awareness) knowledge, you can teach what you know to others, and get paid to do it. Thanks to the internet, the options are endless.

And when I say ‘knowledge,’ I am also referring to skills. Some people may want to learn an actual hands on skill, like how to change the oil in their car or how to play the violin. And others may want to gain knowledge in terms of facts, such as chemical reactions or vocabulary in another language.

The bottom line is that people pay to learn things…even things that probably don’t come to mind at first. From yo-yoing to economics, you can create courses or informational blogs and begin to monetize your knowledge.

There are so many people and organizations around the world that are teaching others to do a lot of different things. University students seek help with their courses, stay-at-home moms take language and cooking classes, and future athletes want to get fit. People want to learn how to write, how to become a comedian, how to knit, and even how to clean parking lots (Oh yeah! Here’s the link to start your own lot cleaning business).

Teaching can take on many forms. You could post videos on Youtube, create your own digital course (about anything you want), look for a formal job in-person (once the quarantine ends) or online.

There are lots of options when it comes to getting paid for what you know.

Teach through your webpage

These are examples of people that created a website and found students. Surely you have seen ads on Facebook or Youtube about some entrepreneur that will teach you to make millions of dollars if you just learn some secret skill. The truth is, you don’t need any complicated skills set. People want to learn normal, everyday things.


I Will Teach You a Language was started by Olly Richards, a European polyglot that figured out a way to easily learn languages. While traveling the world and visiting new countries, he noticed that other people were having common problems and frustrations with learning a new language. He recognized that he had a skill that could help others - and his business was born.


Science is one of those subjects that seems to come easy, or very very difficult for students. If you are fantastic with science, there are many future engineers, scientists, doctors, nurses, and researchers that are eager to do well in their classes.

Here are some examples:

Leah4Sci, and Master Organic Chemistry are two websites that teach students about chemistry through blog posts, videos (active on Youtube), and through purchasable books, templates, and one-on-one tutoring. Both were started by individuals (Leah and Robert) that have a knack for chemistry.

Your Nursing Tutor, one of many online websites offering help to nursing students, teaches topics and test-taking skills to current students and those preparing to take their boards. Nicole, the founder, sells video courses, books, and offers tutoring. She makes money helping students succeed!

How about those pesky Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy school admissions exams?

Andrew George started MCAT Self to help aspiring doctors ace their entrance exams.

Now ask yourself, have ever heard of any of the aforementioned founders or websites? The answer is ‘no’ right? Yet, they are still teaching, helping students, and running their business. They are successful because they are passionate about a subject, they like to teach it, and they realize that it’s not necessary to have 3 million customers to run a successful education business.

Start your own digital course

Digital courses are absolutely exploding on the market. They are easy and relatively simple to make, and with one course, you can continue to make money for years. Again, the options are limitless.

Sarah Turner made her course, Write Your Way to Freedom, using a simple online tool. Her course consists of a handful of modules and teaches people to become paid, freelance writers. Sarah became a writer after studying Biology and she has helped thousands of people launch a writing career.

Another similar example is that of Steve Chou who started My Wife Quit Her Job, a blog and digital course, that teaches people how to start an online store. Steve started his online store while working as an engineer and realized he wanted to help other people do the same thing.

Coach Carson, a former Clemson football player, is now an extremely successful real estate investor. And, you guessed it, he has a course where he teaches people how to begin investing in real estate.

Are you noticing a trend? A lot of these courses are teaching people how to make money, start a new career, and ultimately gain more control in their lives.

Is there a class for that?

What if you don’t have knowledge in the more ‘traditional topics’, or at least things that typically people go to school for? Can you still teach online?

Yes, you can! And regardless of the topic, every new course needs time to grow and a teacher that is willing to put in the work to grow a customer base. But as you already know, a huge range of interests exists, and there are classes to teach you more about it. I found just a few covering a wide scope of interests:

So, if you really think that you don’t have a teachable skill or knowledge set, you should rethink that idea. You may have to get creative, and yes, some classes will naturally lend to a larger audience, but there are people out there that want to learn what you already know.

How to build a digital course or webpage

To create a course, you can build a website (like with Squarespace or Weebly) or you can use a shared platform, like Udemy or Teachable.

If you use an educational platform like Udemy, they will provide you with all of the necessary tools, and they make it very easy and straight forward to produce a course.

If you want to have full control over your course and decide to make it available on your website, you can use tools like Kajabi, Podia, or LearnDash programs to help you build a stellar course.

The upfront work required to start a course is simple, although it can seem tedious. But, one of the really cool things about digital courses is that you only have to make it once and then you can sell it an infinite amount of times.

Another option is to use Youtube to make minicourses. To become profitable, you need to grow your audience so that you can make money from views and ads. Even if you use a different tool to make your course, take advantage of social media to augment your presence and brand which will ultimately help you sell more classes.

Find an educational Job

Another option is to find W2 or contract educational jobs. Jobs that tend to have a lot of demand are for tutors and English teachers.

If you want to tutor a subject and help out students that are currently studying from home, check out:

Try searching for “English Teacher,” or “K12 Teacher” as well - with so many students home from school (and parents having to balance taking care of kids while working from home), there is a large push for innovative education and this will create opportunities for skilled teachers.

As you can see, there is an entire world out there for teaching classes. There is a wide range of interests and needs. There will always be students eager to learn from you and obtain the knowledge you have.

Now is the perfect time to sit down and figure out how you can share your knowledge with others. Remember, you don’t need hundreds of thousands of students to be profitable. You only need to capture a very small portion of the market.

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Evan Thomas
Evan Thomas lives in Seattle and enjoys writing about personal finance, small business, and healthcare. He is passionate about improving people’s physical and financial well-being as well as exploring our great planet. You can find him at

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