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New Breed of Entrepreneurs Emerge in COVID Economy
To say the coronavirus outbreak has led to massive upheaval would be an understatement. About 16.3 million people in the United States are unemployed, and an ever-growing list of retailers have declared bankruptcy. Not...
How the Pandemic Unleashed a New Wave of Small Business Entrepreneurs
The coronavirus pandemic has spurred economic upheaval at unprecedented rates. Unemployment rates are at a record high. Here at Azlo, a banking platform for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, we saw...
Financing a Small Business: Your Questions, Answered
One of the early steps in financing a small business is to identify avenues for acquiring capital. These can include–but are not limited to–a business loan, venture capitalist funding, or crowdfunding.
Do I need a business bank account if I am self employed?
At the onset of a new business venture, you may have numerous questions, such as:
How to Open a Bank Account for an LLC Online
Wondering how to open a bank account for an LLC online? First, congratulations on starting your business! Establishing an entity, such as an LLC, takes patience, paperwork, and diligence. Second, kudos to you for making...
Recap of Google Ads Basics and Best Practices Webinar
This article is a recap of the Google Ads Basics and Best Practices webinar that Azlo hosted on July 23, 2020. Watch it here. 
How to Build a Sales & Marketing Strategy
Far too often small business owners don’t know where to start when it comes to implementing a sales and marketing plan. They may have heard of SEO, SEM, and other marketing tools, but they’re unsure how to take these...
Aaron Lide, Jr. - Black Fly on the Wall Productions
Growing up, Aaron Lide Jr. believed that Black men needed to be tough guys, always come prepared with an answer, and remain “strong and silent.”
What To Do When Your Work Or Small Business Has Been Stopped by COVID-19
Across the U.S., several states have entered another phase of shelter-in-place orders. If you run a small business, COVID-19 may have disrupted several aspects of your company. Many businesses find themselves once again...
Recap of Azlo’s SEO and Content Marketing Basics Webinar
This article is a recap of Grow Your Business: SEO & Content Marketing 101 webinar that Azlo hosted on June 25, 2020. Watch it here.