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Recap of Business Development: The Foundation for success webinar
This article is a recap of the Business Development: The Foundation for Success webinar that Azlo hosted on July 23, 2020. Watch it here. 
5 small details that can ensure the success of your new side hustle
There are no guarantees in life and certainly not in business. As you weigh the pros and cons of starting a side hustle, perhaps the most critical downside you'll need to consider is the prospect of failure. 
How do overdraft fees affect small businesses?
Many of us have done it. Whether in our personal checking or business accounts, many of us have been hit with an overdraft fee.
Introducing Azlo University
At Azlo, our mission is to help businesses survive and thrive. That’s why we created Azlo University, a library of short, digestible lessons on how to run a small business. The courses are designed for entrepreneurs at...
Azlo’s new Accountant Access feature is designed to make business bookkeeping easier
For business owners, bookkeeping is essential. The act of tracking purchases, sales, and receipts can help entrepreneurs get a clear picture on their business finances. While bookkeeping comes easily for some, it can...
The Best Way to Grow Your Business Is To Bring In Help
Today, Ogo is a busy marketer, operating his company, Thirteenth, in one of the fastest-growing segments of influencer marketing: TikTok. But being first in any field means a long road of lessons and learning to get...
10 Steps to Launch an E-Commerce Business
By Nikki Porcher — Founder of Buy From A Black Woman Moderated by Kristal Bergfield — Director, Strategic Partnerships at Azlo A website is the core of an e-commerce business, but there's more to it than that.
Indexing The Digital Small Business Economy
The onslaught of news articles on the current state of small businesses in the United States paints a dire picture of the entire sector taking a substantial hit. Yet this gloomy outlook is partly because the data is too...
Entrepreneur Story: Arthur Garcia of Contabi Alliance
One could say that being an entrepreneur is in Arthur Garcia’s roots. Growing up, the co-founder of Contabi Alliance saw his parents manage a string of small businesses—an ice cream truck, a taco truck, and a Mexican...
How to Maintain (And Maximize) Productivity While Working From Home
Many offices remain closed. In many places, co-working spaces and coffee shops are not available as makeshift offices. Working from home has become the new norm for employees, freelancers, and business owners alike.