Common Financial Pitfalls Freelancers Make When Starting Out
Have you ever thought you would master something only to find yourself falling flat? In my early days, this was me and my money skills as a freelancer.
Freelance Resources During an Economic Downturn
As freelancers, we’re all-too-familiar with “feast or famine” cycles. Sometimes you get an influx of work … And other times? Seeking client opportunities can feel like a barren wasteland.
Why Businesses of One Are More Powerful Than Ever
Why Businesses of One Are More Powerful Than Ever
Announcing new COVID-19 lending resources
We recently asked our customers what they needed, the most, to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their business. Over 73% of them said that a government stimulus package was going to be essential.
What it’s like to start a business with your best friends
Starting a business with your partner and your best friends works if you’re Literally Wizards. Tommy and Riley Day, along with their friends Michelle and Chad Yadon, formed Literally Wizards (an independent game...
Crowdfunding your business
  What’s crowdfunding? Benefits of crowdfunding for businesses Is crowdfunding the right fit for your business? Additional considerations and steps for equity-based crowdfunding How to run a successful crowdfunding...
4 ways to fund your business without getting a loan
Obtaining funding for your small business is often stressful, time-consuming, and occasionally risky. Unless you’re the owner of a Silicon Valley unicorn startup, you’re most likely bootstrapping your venture with...
When your business should use crowfunding to grow
One of the most difficult issues that any small business owner faces is how, when, and where to find funding to help their business grow. Even if you have a successful startup, you may not have the capital needed to...