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Business Financing Now That PPP Has Ended
Now that the Paycheck Protection Program is over, small business owners might be wondering what options exist. The reality is that there have always been other financing options, but you may not have been aware of them...
New Breed of Entrepreneurs Emerge in COVID Economy
To say the coronavirus outbreak has led to massive upheaval would be an understatement. About 16.3 million people in the United States are unemployed, and an ever-growing list of retailers have declared bankruptcy. Not...
Financing a Small Business: Your Questions, Answered
One of the early steps in financing a small business is to identify avenues for acquiring capital. These can include–but are not limited to–a business loan, venture capitalist funding, or crowdfunding.
How to Open a Bank Account for an LLC Online
Wondering how to open a bank account for an LLC online? First, congratulations on starting your business! Establishing an entity, such as an LLC, takes patience, paperwork, and diligence. Second, kudos to you for making...
How to cut expenses and manage cashflow
Small businesses have shut down all across the country as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of those remaining have seen massive losses in revenue. If you’re dealing with negative cash flow problems, you’re...
Azlo Business Foundry Project
With historic levels of unemployment in the U.S. due to the pandemic, Azlo is stepping up to help.
What I Learned Helping Launch an Immersive Art Business During a Pandemic
My partner’s long-time dream of starting his own immersive art gallery came into fruition last fall. He had secured enough funding from investors and landed on a great space in LA’s Chinatown.
Common Financial Pitfalls Freelancers Make When Starting Out
Have you ever thought you would master something only to find yourself falling flat? In my early days, this was me and my money skills as a freelancer.
Analicia Honkanen - Photography During a Pandemic
Photo credit: Laurel Smith Photography
Freelance Resources During an Economic Downturn
As freelancers, we’re all-too-familiar with “feast or famine” cycles. Sometimes you get an influx of work … And other times? Seeking client opportunities can feel like a barren wasteland.