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Paycheck Protection Program Extended to August 8th, 2020
On the evening of Tuesday, June 30th, the US Senate voted unanimously to extend the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) through August 8th, 2020. That is a 5-week extension to the program.
Tips on Starting Your Own Online Store
In a very short period of time, the coronavirus pandemic is creating massive shifts in our economy and the way we work and live at large. In turn, we entrepreneurs are tasked with discovering ways to swiftly adapt and...
Azlo Business Foundry Project
With historic levels of unemployment in the U.S. due to the pandemic, Azlo is stepping up to help.
PPP Loan Forgiveness FAQs
If you secured a loan through the Payment Protection Program (PPP), getting your head around exactly how you might be able to get your loan forgiven is probably top of mind.
Taking an accidental business to the next level
Our journey into entrepreneurship began in 2012 when we launched a Kickstarter campaign.
How to Test a Business Idea
There’s a reason why so many successful entrepreneurs have a pivot story—the moment when they decided to change their products and business model because their original vision wasn’t working.
Tech Female Founder Bronwyn Morgan
When Bronwyn Morgan was a child, she wanted to be a fighter pilot and eventually an astronaut. But as she explains, a physics course during her third year of university kind of killed that dream. Instead, she forged a...
How to Open a Business Bank Account
Why open a business bank account? How does a business bank account help me manage cash flow? How does a small business bank account help with record-keeping? How can a business bank account protect me from personal...
How to Manage Cash Flow Gaps
During my first full year of freelancing, I lost three of my main clients within a week. In turn, my monthly earnings sank from $6,000 to about $2,000. As I was earning a mere fraction of what I needed to get by, I...
Managing your time when you're self-employed
Back when I worked 9-to-5 and in between jobs, I’d go to a nearby coffee shop and work on my passion project: my fiction. With complete control over my schedule, I’d work whenever the mood struck. I had the freedom to...