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Best Practices for Protecting Yourself Against Cyber Crimes
Threats come from many sources, which is why some of you carry insurance, hire lawyers, and work hard to keep your business strong so that you can support yourself and your family.
Options for invoicing: How to get paid by your customers, and quickly
As a business owner, one of the most important things you may need to know is how to invoice clients quickly and efficiently. It might not seem like a big deal when you first start out and have just a few invoices to...
Why mobile business banking matters
Like every other industry, the world of banking has evolved with the help of technological advancements.  Mobile business banking has taken on a new breath of air over the last decade or so, evolving from the early days...
How to raise money for a business: The basics
Figuring out how to raise money for a business is no easy feat, but don’t let it deter you from pursuing your passion as an entrepreneur. There are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States, according...
Recap of Business Development: The Foundation for success webinar
This article is a recap of the Business Development: The Foundation for Success webinar that Azlo hosted on July 23, 2020. Watch it here. 
5 small details that can ensure the success of your new side hustle
There are no guarantees in life and certainly not in business. As you weigh the pros and cons of starting a side hustle, perhaps the most critical downside you'll need to consider is the prospect of failure. 
How do overdraft fees affect small businesses?
Many of us have done it. Whether in our personal checking or business accounts, many of us have been hit with an overdraft fee.
Indexing The Digital Small Business Economy
The onslaught of news articles on the current state of small businesses in the United States paints a dire picture of the entire sector taking a substantial hit. Yet this gloomy outlook is partly because the data is too...
The ABCs of Starting a Small Business at Home
As commercial rents increase and overhead get steeper, many entrepreneurs are swapping out the office for the WFH life by launching their small businesses at home. If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs wondering how...
5 Small Business Banking Mistakes to Avoid
It can be easy to steer clear of or fall into small business banking mistakes. Mostly, it takes reading, understanding, and practice to master the basics of managing a business bank account. In turn, you can sharpen...