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Azlo Pro Release

Starting and growing a business takes work. It requires consistent effort, thought, and energy. We constantly monitor your feedback, so we can make it easier for small business owners to run their business.

Introducing Azlo Pro

Azlo Pro is our new subscription service designed to help you automate your business banking tasks and save you time.  From now on, all Azlo customers can choose between an Azlo Starter account–our free service that still has no maintenance or overdraft fees, and no minimum balanceor you can upgrade to an Azlo Pro account for advanced features, including: 

  • Unlimited envelopes
  • Advanced invoicing
  • Reduced Instant Transfer fees

Budget with Unlimited Envelopes

With Azlo Starter, you are limited to one Envelope. With Azlo Pro, you can create unlimited Envelopes.

Azlo Envelopes is a budgeting tool designed to let you set aside funds for business expenses, such as taxes and payroll. This feature lives within your Azlo Checking Account but is not a part of your Available Money. That means if you carry out a transaction, the funds in your Envelopes will not be affected. You can allocate funds to your Envelopes instantly, and you can just as quickly, release them from your Envelopes if you need access to this money.

If you want to follow the Profit First method or the envelope system, you can achieve something similar with your Azlo Pro account. Virtually tuck away money into different Envelopes so that you’re hitting all your budgeting goals. Since you know your business best, you’ll have the ability to set up how many Envelopes you want and what they’re for. 

Azlo Pro also allows you to:

Automate allocations into your Envelopes. Maybe you don’t want to allocate funds into your Envelopes every week or month. Or maybe you’re forgetful. Either way, with Azlo Pro, you can choose how often you want funds allocated into your Envelopes, and let us handle the rest. 

Set budget goals to keep you on track. Your Azlo Pro account gives you an option to set budgeting goals. You simply input how much money you want to save for a certain goal (i.e. $800 for a new desk) and set a deadline. As you fill your envelope, a progress bar will keep track of where you stand. 

Budgeting can be difficult for some because it’s time-consuming, takes discipline, and can be intimidating. Envelopes can simplify your budgeting—giving you a snapshot of your finances and helping you plan your expenses in a better way.

Tap into advanced invoicing

With Azlo Pro, you can have your invoices do more. You can set recurring invoices, so it’s one less thing you have to remember to complete.

Ultimately, this tool will enable you to spend less time and energy tracking invoices and touching base with clients about payments.

Save on Instant Transfer fees

With Azlo, you can send and receive money through ACH, or Automated Clearing House, a network that coordinates electronic payments and money transfers. There is no fee to transfer money in this way, but it may take a few days. If you need to receive or send money more quickly, then you could use Azlo Instant Transfers, though it does come with a fee.

With an Azlo Starter account, to move money into your account, it’s a 2% fee per Instant Transfer. To move money out, it’s $2 per Instant Transfer. With Azlo Pro, you can reduce these fees by half: Instant Transfers into your account are 1% fee per transaction, and Instant Transfers out of your account are $1 per transaction.

Get to know Azlo Pro for free

You can get access to Azlo Pro features for 14 days. 

All of these tools are designed to simplify running your business.


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