A Fresh Look for Azlo’s Web and Mobile Apps

Azlo UI Update August 2020

We know that a first effort is rarely final. Ambitious, worthy endeavors often take further tweaking and refining.

With that being said, we’re excited to announce that at Azlo, we have been busy with large-scale efforts to enhance our digital platforms and address usability problems reported by our customers.

Last week, we unveiled a design refresh and navigation upgrade of our web and mobile banking products. Our customers are entrepreneurs on the go, and we know that means you need your bank to match your lifestyle. That’s why we’ve approached the redesign from a mobile-first perspective.

"One key focus of this release was embracing a mobile-first design approach,” says Amy Hillman, Senior Director of Product Design at Azlo. “Simplifying content, focusing messaging, and creating a hierarchy of information that prioritizes customers' needs on the go was our starting point."

As your business grows, we grow. All of the changes we’ve made in the refresh are driven by our intention to continue to add functionality that will enable you to run your business more seamlessly.

In case you blinked and missed the redesign, here are a few changes:


  • On mobile app:
    • A brighter, more modern home screen
    • Navigation bar at the bottom of the screen that makes key tasks easier and quicker to reach
  • On web app:
    • A brighter, more intuitive homepage  
    • A streamlined look that allows you to see more at a glance
    • Less need to click through to get to your destination


Account Page 

  • On mobile app: 
    • Transactions displayed in two columns (instead of three) for a sleeker look
    • A submenu (transactions, payments, transfers) so you can choose exactly where you want to go next 
  • On web app: 
    • A bigger, clearer submenu (transaction, invoices, payments, transfers, calendar)  
    • Transactions displayed in two columns instead of three, so you can see more detail at once


Transfer Page 

  • On mobile app:  
    • Bigger display of amount being transferred, account balance
    • A fresh look that aligns with industry standards


There are also more changes to the Invoice and Settings pages. 

What does this mean for our Azlo customers?

With all these changes, Azlo wants to make sure accessing and using your bank account is uncomplicated. So you can expect: 

  • A cleaner, simpler design
  • Fewer steps to take when navigating through our digital platforms 

You can log in to your dashboard or app and check out the snazzy new upgrades and redesign. 

What’s next?

This is just the beginning. It’s the first small step in a long-ranging effort to simplify, modernize, and streamline our design and how our customers interact with the platform.

Have strong opinions on what your banking platform should do? Consider joining our customer research group, and we’ll contact you to participate in surveys about specific features and one-on-one user interviews with our Product and Design team. Help us build a better Azlo for you.

Jackie Lam
Jackie Lam is an L.A.-based money writer whose work has appeared in Forbes, Business Insider, and GOOD Magazine. She is currently studying to be a financial coach (AFC®) to help artists and freelancers with their money. In her free time she blogs at heyfreelancer.com

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