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Azlo’s commitments to our community

Azlo was founded on the mission to level the playing field for founders, freelancers, and small business owners and make entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone. Black entrepreneurs face unique and systemic challenges, and for Azlo to live up to our founding principle, we have an obligation to address those issues head on. We’d like to outline some of our commitments to do just that today.

We’re making these commitments because Black Lives Matter. We’re making these commitments because we hope that Azlo can play a small part to tackle the racial injustice still so prevalent in our country. And we’re making these commitments because we believe that action matters far more than words.

We commit to representation

Representation matters. And we have the ability to use our platform to highlight and celebrate far more Black entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color. Going forward, we commit to reserving at least 50% of our entrepreneur spotlight series to Black and Brown entrepreneurs.

We commit to access

We know that beyond a great idea, there are a few ingredients to help small businesses survive and succeed on their entrepreneurial journey. Among these are access to knowledge, networks, and capital – and linking our customers with these resources has been an important focus since our founding. But we know that not all access is created equal. Therefore, we commit to specifically address these themes for our Black founders, and the unique challenges they face. This includes:

  • Knowledge: Launching a guide and webinar series specifically for Black entrepreneurs. Important in this is ensuring Black entrepreneurs and educators are active participants in the development of this content.

  • Networks: Furthering access to networks for Black entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs of color.

  • Capital: Although Azlo does not offer credit products today, we partner with companies that do. We will partner with companies that are committed to providing fair and unbiased credit offerings.

We commit to listen

We need to engage our community of Black entrepreneurs explicitly and intentionally as we develop new products and services. We commit to the formation of a customer advisory panel, with a target of having at least 50% of the panel composed of entrepreneurs of color.

Outcomes matter

At Azlo, we’re committed to our community of customers, and to helping them succeed. We proudly stand with Black entrepreneurs and the broader Black community. Now more than ever, Azlo is committed to not just statements - but actions towards a just future. And we pledge to be a more active part of the solution.

Cameron Peake
Cameron Peake is the co-founder and CEO of Azlo.

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