Connect more tools with Azlo


We’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes work to help you use Azlo more easily alongside the other tools you use to manage your business and your finance.

Because of that work, you can now easily connect your Azlo account with popular accounting, investing, and budgeting tools like Xero, Credit Karma, and Personal Capital. When you log into these services and begin to link a bank account, you should see Azlo pop up on their lists right away.

Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Bring it on — send an email to or give us a call at 844–295–6466.

Update: Azlo is now supported by Quickbooks Online as well as other many other services that use similar linking systems.


Hi there! This post exists to offer you (hopefully) useful information but it cannot take the place of personalized professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert if you have questions about your business. Also, Azlo doesn’t endorse any third-party sites that are linked here.

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