Instant Bank Transfers for Online Business Banking

Introducing Azlo Instant Transfers

Sometimes, waiting a couple of days for a bank transfer is no problem at all. At other times, it’s ludicrously inconvenient and you just need a way to move that money now.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Azlo Instant Transfers—qualifying customers can now link a debit card to move money in or out of Azlo within seconds, rather than days.

Faster transfers have been a top request from our customers (and so, naturally, a top priority for us) for a while. And one of the many questions and complexities we faced, when building this feature, was how to handle the processing costs (since card networks charge substantial fees for these transactions).

In the end, the answer was clear: Sometimes, saving time is worth a little added cost—and we want our customers to be able to make that choice themselves. So, we’ll be charging a per-transaction fee to cover processing. You can learn more about Azlo Instant Transfers, including their cost, over here.

Azlo Instant Transfers are new territory, in more ways than one, but our fundamental philosophy hasn’t changed. And although we won’t shy away from offering optional improvements just because they come with a cost, we still believe that you shouldn’t pay to safely store and move your money. We’re still offering free payments and (non-instant) transfers with no minimums and zero maintenance charges.

Questions? Comments? Or perhaps you’re ready to submit your next top-priority feature request now that we’ve crossed this one off the list? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a note at


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