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We think our work is pretty cool. And the best part of it is talking with you, our customers and community. Like Danielle, a serial entrepreneur who’s creating an accountability app for freelancers, or Jessica, an expert bookkeeper who helps other businesses thrive (more on her in a bit).

Our best work comes out of conversations with fellow entrepreneurs and founders, and we bet that’s true for many of you as well. So, today we’re reaching out to spark more of them.


Get a glimpse behind the scenes

Azlo launched almost exactly a year ago. This past year has been amazing (we met all of you, right?) but we have ambitious plans to make the one ahead even better. Learn more in this note from our co-founder and CEO, Cameron Peake. A note of thanks to the Azlo community of founders, freelancers and friends as I move on to focus on new challenges and opportunities.


Learn about keeping your books in order

We’re excited to have Jessica Fox, Azlo Entrepreneur and expert bookkeeper, host our latest webinar: Bookkeeping Made Simple. Jessica is the founder of Florida Virtual Bookkeeper, where she helps other entrepreneurs build financially healthy businesses.

Find more helpful tax info

If you haven’t yet had your fill of riveting tax-related updates or you have questions about filing your taxes with Azlo, you might enjoy this handy article we put together. It includes all the key information you might need to make tax payments or receive a tax refund with your Azlo account.


Hi there! This post exists to offer you (hopefully) useful information but it cannot take the place of personalized professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert if you have questions about your business. Also, Azlo doesn’t endorse any third-party sites that are linked here.

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