To the entrepreneurs, hustlers, and founders

A note of thanks to the Azlo community of founders, freelancers and friends as I move on to focus on new challenges and opportunities.

Building and launching Azlo has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. Growing a team that’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs and those committed to growing their ideas and making better lives for themselves has been an amazing gift.

As the Azlo team has grown, we have been fortunate to bring on amazing people and leaders, all working towards and delivering the vision we share. We’re no longer an as-yet-to-be defined solution to a problem or a concept waiting to be built; we’re a company that supports tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and impacts the lives of many in underserved communities.

Some of the greatest rewards as an entrepreneur come from finding problems, proving concepts, building companies and setting them on the path toward success. As we reach the end of this first stage at Azlo, it’s time for me to focus my sights on solving a different set of problems and attacking a new set of challenges, as Azlo prepares for the next stage of its growth.

Azlo’s co-founder, Cameron Peake, will be leading Azlo and continuing to drive progress for the product and the industry. I have learned so much from her in the past couple of years; Cameron brings extensive experience in creating financial products for diverse communities around the world as well as constant dedication to Azlo’s customers. I’m looking forward to seeing her impact as one of the too-few female founders and CEOs in the industry.

I’m incredibly proud to have served this community of entrepreneurs together with Cameron and the entire Azlo team. I’m also looking forward to participating in Azlo’s future as an alumni, customer, and supporter.

So, to the people who wake up in the morning, kick ass all day, sleep too little, and repeat; to the business owners that grow our economy, fight income inequality, and change our world for the better — keep doing what you’re doing! The world needs more of you, now more than ever. It’s been an honor and pleasure to have helped you, in even the smallest way, make your dent in the universe.


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