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As an entrepreneur, you are a risk-taker, or at least comfortable with taking the road less traveled. When you’re running your own business, the financial rewards for success could be great—but so could the losses in the event of challenges or failure.


That being said, you don’t have to totally expose yourself to financial catastrophe if something does go wrong. As with homes, cars, healthcare, and even life, there are insurance policies designed to protect you and your business from financial liability and losses. 

There are several insurance options available, including Coterie.

What is Coterie?

Coterie operates in the emerging insurtech sector. As a technology-first service, the platform allows users to create a detailed profile, which gets into the nitty-gritty of what each business owner needs in an insurance policy. Coterie’s mission is “to empower doers to take bigger swings by removing unwanted risk and enabling businesses to do more good.”

What are Coterie’s main features?

Coterie offers general liability insurance, business owners policies, and professional liability policies. Here’s what you can expect as a Coterie customer:


  • Fully automated process

There’s no application. Because Coterie uses already-existing data, it promises that users can sign up in minutes. The completely automated process means customers won’t work with an insurance agent.  

  • Integrates with many tools

In an attempt to simplify, Coterie offers many integration options, so that onboarding is easy. 

  • Tailored to each business 

Whether a user needs something micro-tailored or wide, Coterie works to get them matched to policies perfect for their particular needs. 

  • Available across the United States

Coterie is a licensed insurance carrier across the United States.

Who is Coterie for?

Entrepreneurship looks different for so many people. While some have started businesses with employees, others are solopreneurs and freelancers who have created jobs for themselves. Coterie allows business owners to sign up for micro, short-term business insurance policies, but it also offers more traditional, long-term policies without the hassle of working with an agent. Coterie is flexible enough for many kinds of entrepreneurs. 

Who isn’t Coterie for?

Coterie lays out what is covered in the policies you find on its platform, but if you’re someone who is not familiar with the industry, you may prefer to seek professional help andCoterie might not be for you. Though Coterie has a support team, this rests on how much you want that human interaction. The Coterie platform is designed with speed, efficiency and streamlining in mind.


Coterie is a fast and easy way to get business insurance policies that cover exactly what you need, ranging from small one-off policies required by an employer or client, to long-term insurance solutions for your entire business. The flexible duration policies could be attractive to freelancers and solopreneurs who are required to have a minimum level of protection as a formality for taking on an assignment.

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