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Finding the right business insurance can be daunting. As a small business owner, there’s a lot to consider, including what type of coverage is the best fit for your company. 


The good news is that there are several options available, including Next Insurance, which specializes in small business insurance.

What is Next Insurance?

Next Insurance is a small business insurance company in the United States that serves more than 1,300 types of small businesses and self-employed workers. 

Completely online, Next Insurance helps business owners get covered with policies that are easy to buy in 10 minutes or less and provides 24/7 access to services. The company uses AI and machine learning to simplify the purchasing process, so entrepreneurs can buy insurance quickly. According to Next, business owners save up to 30% compared to traditional policies.

What are Next’s main features?

A focus on small business: Currently, Next serves more than 110,000 small business customers. 

100% online and a simple, easy-to-use platform: Next allows small business owners to find custom policies entirely online. The self-service tools also allow entrepreneurs to pay premiums, add an additional insured, get certificates of insurance, and file claims. 

Ability to purchase coverage in as little as 10 minutes: The streamlined process, which can be completed without needing to talk to an agent, makes it possible to purchase insurance in a matter of minutes.

Customer support: In-house, U.S.-based customer support is available to help entrepreneurs. More than half of claim decisions are made within 48 hours, according to Next.

Easy-to-access proof of insurance: Because Next Insurance is 100% online, business owners can easily access certificates of insurance with prospective clients or employers, so long as they have internet access.

No extra fees for additional insured: Third parties can be listed as additional insureds on a certificate of insurance and at no extra cost. Additional insured parties can also make a claim against the policy holder’s insurance directly.


Variety of insurance types: There are several different types of business insurance available, including general liability, professional liability, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, and property. Small businesses can purchase all these types of coverage through one Next bundle.

Who is Next for?

Next Insurance is tailor-made for small businesses across several industries, such as general contractors, entertainers, fitness instructors, teachers, and cleaners, to name a few. Next offers flexibility, allowing founders to pay monthly and cancel at any point with no cancelation fees. With simple, digital, and affordable coverage meant for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Next might be right for you.

Who isn’t Next for?

Next Insurance is focused on small businesses on the smaller side. Next does not currently offer any policies for those who have companies with more than $5 million in revenue.


Next Insurance offers customized business insurance policies to a wide range of small businesses and the self-employed. Next has built its digital product portfolio from the ground up using machine learning, data science, and modern customer support practices to deliver a more customized and affordable insurance experience.

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