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Accepting payment is an important part of running a business. There are several options for businesses of all sizes. 


Square is a popular tool that offers payment solutions, and it may be right for your business.

What is Square?

Square is a robust technology tool that offers payment solutions for a variety of businesses of different sizes. What started as a “little white card reader,” has developed into a range of products that ultimately help businesses get paid.

What are Square’s main features?

Square offers “tools to run your business,” including: 


  • Card payments and refunds: Square enables businesses to accept both digital and physical card payments, whether it’s in person or online. This includes the ability to swipe, insert, or use contactless payment methods. Square also makes it easy to fulfill customer refund requests. 
  • Invoicing: Accept payments 24/7 and save time with paperless invoicing. Square’s invoicing software also allows businesses to save payment information for recurring payments, set-up auto-billing, generate reports, and even integrate employee payroll. 
  • Scheduling with built-in payments: Allow clients to book appointments and collect payments from them at that time. The scheduling feature can be used online or within social media, and customers will receive friendly reminders about their appointments. 
  • Retail and restaurant solutions: A robust platform that enables in-person and online retailers to not only accept different payment options, but also simultaneously track and manage inventory. User-friendly and informative analyses and reports that are easy to read and interpret are an added benefit.
  • Money management: Square users have access to an online dashboard where all the tools, features, and payments are easily viewed. The platform automatically syncs all Square products, allows for exporting of data to bookkeeping software, and lends itself to quick downloads of data into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. This ultimately leads to easier business management.

Who is Square for?

Square’s tools can be used for a range of businesses. From retail to restaurants, mobile food trucks, e-commerce, and almost anything in between. Even freelancers can benefit from Square's tools. For example, freelancers often face difficulty obtaining payments on-time. However, the scheduling tool with the payment-upon-booking feature may solve that issue. 


If your business needs to accept card payments, whether it’s in-person, online, or through an invoice, then Square may be a great product for you.

Who isn’t Square for?

Your business likely won’t benefit from Square if:


  • You don’t receive card payments
  • You can receive other forms of payments that don’t carry a fee
  • You primarily deal in cash 
  • Has few customers and a low complexity operation not requiring software features


Square’s tools and features are no doubt extremely useful and simplify many business operations and tasks. Businesses that don’t need those tools may find little benefit.


Square charges fees for payments. Exact fee amounts depend on the transaction type. 


For Payroll services for employees, it’s $29/month and an additional $5 per person, per month. For contractors, payroll services are $5 per person per month. 


Square also has a few free tools, including its dashboard, reporting and analytics, and Square card and Square transfers.


Square makes it possible and simple to accept payments from your customers, especially for businesses that need the ability to accept different types of point-of-sale methods, such as credit cards or tap payments. Additional tools provide a robust payment management system for a variety of businesses across multiple industries. Square’s goal is to make it easier for you to get paid.

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