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Budget with Azlo Envelopes

Azlo Envelopes1 is a way to set aside money for taxes, large expenses, or payroll. This budgeting tool is available to every Azlo user, but Azlo Pro users get advanced features, including built-in automation.


Instantly fund2 your Envelopes

Allocating funds to your Envelopes is quick and painless. Set an amount or a percentage, and see it immediately in your Envelopes.

Envelopes Access Envelopes Access
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Manage your expenses without impacting the funds2 in your Envelopes

While Envelopes live within your Azlo account, they are not part of your Available Money. That means you can manage your expenses without affecting the funds in your Envelopes.

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Customize the name and description of your Envelopes

Add a name and description for your Envelopes as a reminder of the budgeting goal you’re working toward. 

Envelope name and description Envelope name and description
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Release funds from your Envelopes just as quickly

Need to use the funds in your Envelopes? Simply release the funds on the mobile or web app back into your Azlo account, and the funds will be available to use instantly.

Release Funds Release Funds

Get unlimited Envelopes and more with Azlo Pro

Need more than one Envelope? Upgrade to Azlo Pro and create as many Envelopes1 as you need. You can also automatically schedule allocations2 into your Envelopes on a weekly or monthly basis and set budgeting goals.

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1With Azlo Starter, you get one Envelope. With Azlo Pro, you get an unlimited number of Envelopes.
2If you don’t have enough funds in your Available Money, allocations into your Envelopes will not be completed.