Frequently Asked Questions

Azlo is a no-fee digital business bank account. It is an FDIC insured checking account, free payments to and from your account, mobile check deposit, and a debit card with free nationwide ATM access and no foreign transaction fees. There are no fees, and no minimum balances.

Azlo was made for freelancers and entrepreneurs. We currently offer accounts to LLCs, corporations, and sole proprietorships based in the U.S.

We believe that banks can do better by providing founders and small business owners with more than just an account. We are a platform that is powered by a community of entrepreneurs just like you and we are here to help you launch, grow and manage your business with tools and resources (coming soon). Most importantly, we believe you should never have to pay to get paid (or to pay others), which is why we provide free digital payments to anyone in the US, and will soon be providing no-fee cross-border payments as well. 

Right now, you can send and receive digital bank-to-bank (ACH) payments anywhere in the U.S. using bank routing (also known as ABA or RTN) and account numbers and emails. You can also pay someone via mail with a digital check and can request money from others with our built-in customized invoices. Simply send an invoice and get paid using your bank information. No credit card fees. You can also receive domestic and international wires for free.

Payments between Azlo customers are instant! Have your fellow entrepreneurs, business partners, and friends sign up with Azlo and get free, real-time payments between all Azlo members.

Azlo will be rolling out free, cross-border bank-to-bank payments soon, beginning with real-time payments to Mexico and expanding to countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America shortly thereafter.

Azlo does not accept credit card payments directly because we believe you shouldn’t pay to get paid. With our easy ACH invoicing, you can get paid for free and stop paying excessive credit card processing fees.

If you already have a credit card processor or would like to accept credit card payments, simply link your Azlo business account to third-party services like Mint, PayPal or Square just as you would another bank account. We will support direct integrations with credit card processors in the future to support our customers that sell online and in-store as well.

There are no fees and no minimum balances on your account. While we don’t charge fees, you may do business with companies that do and we want to make sure you are aware of them, for example, ATM’s outside of our fee-free network may charge a fee.

Yes. Azlo accounts are held by our partner bank, BBVA Compass, Member FDIC. Your deposits are insured up to the FDIC limit.