Send Payments Directly from Azlo

Manage payments using Azlo Billpay services. From an electricity bill to paying your subcontractors -- take care of your business expenses directly from your Azlo account.

Pay Your Bills
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Pay By Check Or Bank Transfer

Make your payments electronically, or transfer directly to payee’s bank account—just add their account and routing number. Or simply send a check.

Send Payments On Time

Select from a directory of payees (or add new contact) and use a calendar feature to automatically schedule your payments in advance. Simply specify a date on which you want to pay your bills and you’re set!


Pay An Unlimited Number Of Bills

Use the “Pay a Bill” feature from your Azlo account on the web or mobile app—it’s free and there are no daily or weekly limits.

Pay Your Bills

Submit Payments Instantly

Paying someone who has an account with Azlo, Simple, or BBVA USA? They will receive your payment nearly instantly.


Business banking as efficient as you.

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